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The see finance group in profile.

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Credit, surety and fidelity insurance brokers for the business sector

The see finance group has been a professional partner for many years for asset and liquidity protection, financing and consulting, both for small and medium-sized enterprises and for large international companies.

We focus on the following areas:

  • increasing our clients’ profitability
  • optimising their competitiveness
  • safeguarding and improving your company’s liquidity
  • maximum flexibility in conducting business
  • solutions for financing current assets
The see finance GmbH was founded in 2008. We are a team of experienced specialists with over 150 years of collective experience in the fields of bond insurance (sureties), credit insurance, fidelity insurance and project financing (projects/capital goods), including their alternative financing, e. g. non-recourse financing.

With the foundation of the see finance Schweiz AG we are authorized to serve Swiss clients as well. see finance Schweiz AG develops solutions for project and forfait financing under ECA cover as well as leasing transactions for its clients in cooperation with AIL Structured Finance Ltd. (www.ailsf.ch).

In 2016 the see finance Consulting GmbH was founded on which we relocate our financing and consulting activities in the course of an extended strategic orientation. Here we now concentrate our comprehensive operations in factoring.

When we acquired fuchs-fm GmbH, a long-established commercial broker with a similar speciality in 2014, we took another step in extending our know-how and our range of services.

We have made it our aim to be the first point of contact for our clients and to offer comprehensive client service and advice.

The see finance group: a powerful alliance